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Silicon Carbide

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Black Silicon Carbide


SiC≥97, F. C≤0.3, Fe2O3≤1.2,

SiC≥98, F. C≤0.2, Fe2O3≤0.6

SiC≥90, F. C≤1.0, Fe2O3≤1.2,

Size: 2-8mm, 0-10mm, 1-10mm or according to customer requirement.

Packing: 1 ton per big bag or according to customer requirement

Green Silicon Carbide


SiC: 99.5%min, F.C: 0.20max, Fe2O3: 0.20max

SiC: 98%min, F.C: 1.250max, Fe2O3: 050max

Size: FEPA standard: F240~F1200 
P standard: P240~P2500 
JIS standard: #240~#6000

All kinds of green silicon carbide is available here on your request.

Packing: 1000kgs in a jumbo bag or according to customer requirement

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