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Relationship between inoculation and inoculation decline

Date:2017-05-15    Browse times:    

The relationship between inoculation and inoculation decline is very close. The inoculation effect of silicon is the shortest, because it mainly depends on the generation of spontaneous nucleation. Thermal insulation at high temperature for a long time, through the diffusion of the concentration fluctuations and energy fluctuations weakened, will lead to a gradual reduction in the nucleation. Barium is a very good breeding element, it generates an ionic type of barium carbide two, more stable, in addition to its proportion is larger than the calcium, there is a smaller vapor pressure, the decline of the time can be extended, is a very promising breed. Aluminum, titanium, zirconium and cerium in addition to their own carbide can be used as the core, there is a strong ability to. They make further iron deoxidation, reduction of oxygen and calcium compounds, to create favorable conditions for the combination of calcium and carbon, promote the formation of crystal nucleus and two calcium carbide, calcium carbide two protection play a role in a long time.

Long acting inoculation is an important measure to prevent the inoculation decline.

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